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34480 Real Life Emergencies
From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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One day, I put on a pot of collard greens to cook. I put the burner (electric stove) on low. I rode to my daughter’s house for a minute. As soon as I arrived, my two daughters got a call from Life Alert saying the fire (smoke alarm) was going off. We told them no one was in the house but we were on our way home. When we arrived, the fire department came in and turned the stove off, opened windows. Everything was OK except for the smell. I appreciate [Life Alert’s] response. Thank you so very much for [Life Alert’s] service.

E.L. Franklinton, LA

Mom fell in her apartment. Life Alert saved her life. I call my mom several times a day. I visit almost every day, sometimes twice a day. I left town just one day before this happened. If not for Life Alert calling me, I would have never known she fell. I would have returned one week later to find her on the floor. Thank you, Life Alert.

M.F. Sunny Isles Beach, FL

My 92 year old mother’s blood pressure rose to stroke level while we were at home. I called Life Alert and they stayed on the phone with me until paramedics arrived. The [Life Alert] man was genuinely concerned and willing to help and I felt comforted.

R.R. Locust Grove, GA

I had fallen in the bathroom and used the [Life Alert] button to call for help. I couldn’t get up and Life Alert answered from my living room, brought the EMTs in and they drove me to the hospital. [Life Alert] called my friend and I got home the second day.

G.G. Cumming, GA

I fell and just like the T.V. commercial says, “Couldn’t get up.” Now, I live way out in the country, but [EMTs] people were here immediately, helped back inside and were very reassuring and professional in every way. Whoever trains [Life Alert] is doing a great job. Thanks!

T.T. Wimberley, TX

While there was a problem contacting the health plan for approval/recommendations, Life Alert contacted emergency services. The patient knew help was coming which helped them remain calm and the family member was free to continue to attempt to get to the health plan and put the dog in a safe place.

P.T. Clarksburg, MD

I experienced chest pain. Few seconds after a push of a button, Life Alert came on. Help was on its way. The information I gave Life Alert was relayed to paramedics. Life Alert made many attempts to contact family, even next day. Happy to know Life Alert is always there.

D.M. Bethesda, OH

My mother lost her balance and fell in front of her chair in the living room. She called me for assistance and I arrived to find her sitting on the floor. I alerted Life Alert who called for a lift assist. No injuries occurred and all were helpful who assisted my mom.

M.K. Cape Canaveral, FL

Due to a fall, I had to call Life Alert for assistance in getting up. [Fire department] were here in 8 minutes (I live 2 blocks from the fire department). They were very kind and courteous. Luckily, I wasn’t hurt. I am grateful for Life Alert. Thank you.

M.V. Mims, FL

I woke up at 5:00am, lying on the floor beside my bed, not knowing how I got there. I was very weak from having diarrhea for one week. I was unable to get up off the floor. I pushed my Life Alert button and the paramedics arrived and transported me to the emergency room.

F.M. Weatherford, TX

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