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38558 Real Life Emergencies
From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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I am approaching my 95 birthday, and have difficulty with maintaining my balance. I went outdoors to my driveway to fetch my newspaper. In doing so, bending over to pick it up, I fell face down. I had my Life Alert button on and pressed it. Help was there immediately. I was taken by the [EMT’s], and admitted to our local hospital. All done with care and thoughtfulness. Thank you.

V.E., Santa Barbara, CA

I am 90 years old and live alone, I couldn’t do without Life Alert. My blood pressure went up to 225. I had a stroke in 2015 on the right side. So have to watch my blood pressure. So good to know I can get help.

S.W.G., Oxnard, CA

My mother had leaned on a swivel chair to reach for something, and fell. She could not get up, so she pushed her pendant and Life Alert called [EMT’s] and myself. We got rid of the swivel chair. She was not hurt, but thanks to having Life Alert.

G.L.M., Barnesville, MN

Collapsed in the bathroom. Crawled to the door, laid half in and half out. Pressed my [Life Alert] button (on my neck) and received instruction feedback. [EMT’s] picked me up and got me to the hospital. Great response and good job.

L.P.M., Virginia Beach, VA

Fallen inside the house and I could not get up. My forehead was bleeding. Life Alert called my son. He called a neighbor who came and helped me until the [EMT’s] arrived.

E.G., Cheverly, MD

I had fallen in my hallway that was outside my bedroom door where the Life Alert box is, yet close to my kitchen. I pressed my necklace and [Life Alert] could barely hear me. I was nervous at first, but then became settled down. [EMT’s] came and all was well. Life Alert is worth the money!

E.D., Orland Park, IL

Life Alert is always courteous, and politely waited for me to answer questions while I was helping my father. [Life Alert] waited until [EMT’s] were here and talked to them.

W.J., Bartlesville, OK

My mother tried to get out of electric recliner after the power went out of house. She was alone. She was on the floor, conscious but unable to get up. I was not able to get her up by myself, so I pushed the button and the emergency process began. Thank you for [Life Alert’s] quick response.

C.L., Fallbrook, CA

I tripped on a wire and fractured my pelvic bone. It was about 12 a.m. The response was fast and excellent. I suffered a broken hip and was very lucky. I was also lucky to have Life Alert.

R.M., Whitestone, NY

There have been a few times that I’ve fallen and I’ve pushed the Life Alert button. The response has been so fast. Wonderful! I’m so glad too that you stick with me until the [EMT’s] come. Thank you!

B.J.R., Beach Park, IL

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