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40930 Real Life Emergencies
From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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It was me. I had fallen three times within 30 days- always landed on my left hip and leg (once outside and twice inside). The 3rd time I was real concerned, so I crawled to my couch and pushed my [Life Alert] neck pendant. Life Alert called the paramedics to my home-and waited on phone until they arrived- then talked to them. Luckily, no broken bones but have three sessions on P.T. left.

T.T., Auburn, WA

I fell and broke my arm. Life Alert immediately contacted my relatives and the ambulance. I was taken to the ER. Thank you for your help.

P.T., Wakefield, RI

My kids ask me all the time if I got my Life Alert on. I was outside and fell off my steps two years ago. You all were a life saver. I was wearing my Life Alert around my neck, I was by myself. I wouldn’t go without.

C.C., Nitro, WV

I fell in the downstairs bathroom and couldn’t get up. That room is at the back of the house so nobody could hear me call. My husband was upstairs but heard the Life Alert person. The paramedics were called and arrived quickly. I was very pleased with all help I received!

C.G., Olympia, WA

Fell and couldn’t get up. Life Alert responded immediately, called for help which arrived very shortly thereafter. Very pleased with how quickly Life Alert responds each and every time even when I simply press the button by accident.

E.E., Richmond, CA

We had an immediate call from pushing our Life Alert button!! It is a true relief to us to have this protection at all times!!!

P.P., Saint Johns, FL

I fell in July in my home, was able to scoot to my Life Alert- even in severe pain. Prompt response, professional care, and compassion, brought EMT in minutes. I am now healing from the hip and shoulder fractures from that fall thanks to you!

J.B., Glendora, CA

I fell on the floor in my home. My daughter, who lives with me, is not strong enough to help me up so I pushed the button on my Life Alert necklace and the dispatcher responded immediately. Within fifteen to twenty minutes I had two EMT’s come and help me up.

D.M., Glen Rock, PA

Fell during the early morning getting out of bed. I couldn’t get up because I had broken five ribs. I pressed my Life Alert, they called [EMS], and my son and daughter in law. They were great.

E.T., Gadsden, AL

I had fallen in my living room. I couldn’t get turned over to get up because of my hip joints. I pushed my Life Alert that hangs around my neck. The operator helped me. The squad/EMT came to my home and assisted me back off the floor.

C.W., Montrose, WV

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